Saturday, April 13, 2013

365 Days In Nature - April 13

My first visit to the duck pond (Willowbrook Park) since the winter.


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    1. It was a single hot day ... it reached 84° (29° C) in between days of 43° (6° C)!!! From unseasonably cold to unseasonably hot and then back to unseasonably cold! :-(

  2. These guys must be pretty used to people around. Most of the ones around here would be gone if you got this close.
    We never got to unseasonably hot in Illinois. We got to normal and the back to unseasonably cold. They even have snow showers in the forecast for late next week. :(

    1. They (unfortunately) get fed a lot by visitors and will walk up to you as you approach the lake. Watch some of the photos to come in the next week or two.