Monday, March 18, 2013

365 Days In Nature - March 18


  1. I'm a bit envious of your islandic adventures! Oh to lie with a book on a beach and wade in the water whenever I wish! And all this wonderful vegetation! We have a palm in our backyard to help us believe we are at a tropical destination, but it's not quite the same!

    By the way, best thing I ever did was swap to comment moderation. I haven't had one bit of spam since! :)

    1. The Caribbean trip has been a great source of material for this 365 project while nature remains asleep here. :-) Spring arrives this week, though at the moment it is snowing.

      Unfortunately, the cruise photos are reaching the end but happily with spring on the horizon I will be able to add more "taken that day" photos. And yes - while the cruise did end - we spend a week in Florida so there are still more nature shots in the bank.

      For us - in order to see palm trees we must travel south such as we did on this trip to the Caribbean and Florida. You won't find one here in the northeast - too cold a climate ... at least for much of the year.

      Oh - and glad the moderation is working to keep the spam away. :-)