Tuesday, February 19, 2013

365 Days in Nature - February 19

We have now landed on Castaway Cay - Disney's island in the Bahamas. It appears that we have landed in better shape than this fellow who has crash landed among the flora. In truth, Disney couldn't make up a better back story for their island than what is the reality. Before Disney acquired the island, it was known as Gorda Cay and has a long history with the real pirates of the Caribbean. The previous inhabitants were drug runners, and the runway which they built and used - on which this plane sits - is still quite visible to guests who take the shuttle to Serenity Bay ... the adult-only beach on the island.


  1. Fascinating! I wonder how a mega theme park group goes about securing land from a drug cartel? Those would be some interesting meetings!

    1. If I understand it correctly - the island had been seized by the Bahamian government from whom The Walt Disney Company obtained it.