Saturday, January 12, 2013

365 Days In Nature - January 12

Looking out over Mankiller Bay from my hotel window


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    1. It is - just wish I weren't limited to having to take it though a window - would have loved to show even a wider view.

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    1. I guess after a bad day in the casino a calming view like this is helpful. (Was not a good day in the casino when I took this. LOL!)

  3. Great pic! What actually is that?

    1. They are called barrier islands, and are right off the marina at Atlantic City, NJ

      Closest to shore, the body of water is called Absecon Inlet. A bit further out is known as Mankiller Bay, and beyond that is the Atlantic Ocean.

      This is where Hurricane Sandy came ashore a few months ago.

  4. The blue is beautiful. You should have skipped the casino and took more pictures. :)